Embed a clickaber URL to your video
Would be great to have the abilty to put a url in your video that is clickable. I imagine this is hard to implement?

max fatouretchi shared this idea 05/10/19 18:01
Vincent Chauvet 19/01/20 20:55
I am desperate for that option. it would be neat to switch different website or redirect the viewers to right place faster. also would appreciate hyperlink button option, push-button, switch toggles, knobs...
Mohammad Ullah 12/05/20 23:11
need this , it is very important. Please make it available thanks
It´s a very useful feature. Allow to create hiperlinks directly into videos.
marc weisman 16/05/21 00:19
I don't understand what the delay in allowing an embedded URL is? Doodly has a feature to create Facebook ads. The purpose of FB ads is to redirect the viewer to my web page. You can't have one without the other. Get this done immediately please and stop waiting for 100 more people to tell you they want it