Font sizing
1. Please will you consider enabling the selection of specific font sizes for text. This would make it easier to make sure that different text boxes are the same size. 2. It would be great to be able to erase a text box before writing in the next one on the same scene. ie. Text1 written - Text1 erased - Text2 written- text2 erased- text3 written in etc. 3. Any possibility of enabling a font to be changed by selecting the text box and simply clicking on a different font instead of having to retype it all over again in the new font?

Malcolm Haffner shared this idea 08/11/18 20:31
Steve 01/12/20 01:00
At least how about storing and using the last font size you used. It is getting tiresome to keep going in and changing 67 to something else. I wonder too, if there isn't some way to put the font size choice inside the text entry box (where the word wrap check box and your text color change feature) so that you don't have to go to two places to get the job done.