Add ability to fine-tune path tracing width mid-path
BACKGROUND: Currently when tracing the path for a custom/imported image, we place dots along the path and Doodly brilliantly connects the dots using splines to create a smooth animation. The GUI allows us to change the width of that path around the dots. PROBLEM: At the point where two paths cross (or come close together), parts of the 2nd path get revealed while the 1st is being drawn (they overlap). You can see that in this animation I created using Doodly as my "draw-on" tool, particularly the blue swish to the right of the flower when it's drawn (fortunately in this one it's pretty fast and the other graphic elements somewhat hide the artifact). https://www.facebook.com/groups/doodly/?multi_permalinks=961880707506176 REQUEST: Create a way for users to modify the width of the line/spline at custom points of the path. I presume this might mean building out the point object to include a width attribute and then considering it during the drawing process.

Red-Rob Rothkopf shared this idea 19/10/19 16:40