Rendering in local
Hi, I've created a Doodly Video with 14 scenes and, when I export it on the max resolution, it takes 45 minutes to complete the process. I've tried with a new MacBook Pro but the time remaining 45 minutes so I think that the rendering process is "on the cloud" It would be possibile to do it "locally" so we can use the power of the GPU ? Thank's

Roberto Gandolfo shared this idea 19/10/19 19:42
David Taylor 03/10/20 08:43
Yes - the rendering is ridiculously slow. And worst still it stops if my computer goes to sleep - so I can't run it over lunch or night.
David Taylor 03/10/20 08:44
And it stops rendering if Doodly is not active window.
Adam Ward 03/11/20 13:48
Alvin Lau 10/12/20 01:02
Yes, and it would be great if we could render videos with the help of our GPUs.
Denis 13/12/20 00:46
Agree, plus also related to https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/25/offline-mode
Aurelien 05/01/21 17:46
Please fix this... 3h export with custom background for 5.30 minutes duration at 1080p 60fps...
Tomas Svora 05/04/21 15:29
This would be amazing! Frankly export takes rly long time moreover Doodly needs to be active = waste time for me :-(
shivam 02/05/21 21:39
How is it that this is still not fixed?? (as of 3rd May 2021.) It takes over an hour for 3 min video.... I am using Macbook Pro 1TB version and i don't have any issue using Da Vinci Resolve which is a very heavy software.
Ian 04/07/21 06:16
I have a 5 min video - tried exporting at 1920x1080p - 48fps @ 100% quality. for 4 HOURS! Very ridiculous. Please implement as soon as possible.
[email protected] 24/07/21 18:40
Yes! I was shocked by the length of time that it took to render a 4:36 minutes video- I have a 3080, i9, and gigabit internet and it still took over an hour! It was only 30FPS at 1080p, and it didn't even include any audio files (which I used a video editing software to put in after)
Manas Gain 27/08/21 16:19
I think rendering can be done offline. After saving, simply turn off internet, then export. I tried this, this worked. Only thing, you have to be online while working.