Add more Enter Animations
Enter Animation for a prop or character can select either "Draw" or "None". Please add "fly in bottom", "fly in left", etc. It's a simple addition; just pans the prop up or sideways from the bottom instead of drawing it. Could also expend this to exit animations - fly out instead of erase.

Ant Nik shared this idea 23/10/19 07:21
otto van koppen 09/07/20 07:49
Please add fade in with settings for how many seconds until full opacity. And move in from left, right, below or above with settings for the amount of seconds until the object is in its location? Many thanks, keep up the great work!
otto van koppen 09/07/20 07:56
Pamela in the masterclass of Doodly is making 10 different pages to fade in or move in an object while this could simply be an automatic animation...