Window Menu Option -- Compare 2 Scenes Side-By-Side
Let's say that you have completed a scene, but then realize that you would like the order of animation with respect to the assets to be different - or maybe that you would like to replace one of the assets that was the earliest to be added to the scene. The ability to recreate the scene by adding a new one (or, right-click and insert a new scene between two existing ones, if in the middle of a video), then dragging assets over from the original scene to the new one would be less of a hassle if the two scenes could be compared side-by-side (left and right, or top and bottom) within the build pane. This would also enable the asset pane to be used to select replacement assets. Afterward, the original scene could simply be deleted from the timeline. **** Additionally, If only the animation order is of concern and in need of change, but all the assets used will be the same, then the ability to designate the order (by number) that assets are animated in would be super useful - rather than recreating the scene by hunting for assets all over again or copying and pasting them to a new scene. *** NOTE: the ability to right-click a scene in the timeline and insert a new one is far more efficient than adding a new scene at the end of the timeline then dragging it backward to (hopefully) the correct position. "Hopefully" because some scenes can be quite similar and might be quite far back in the timeline of completed scenes. Cheers!

Gary Reinsch shared this idea 09/11/18 22:02