linking of audio snippets
I do lectures with Doodly. Very long programs. Very effective. But adjusting audio is very difficult. I record small pieces of audio through program.... Maybe have 50 snippets. I would like an option whereby I could "group" or "link" various audio snippets and move them together. I'm talking about "joining" audio pieces permanently. Just connecting them to move or delete or copy. I would like to group either 5 or all of them, and be able to slide them wherever I want. It would also greatly help to be able to split or cut audio anywhere. I'll submit a separate suggestion on this. But the two features will work together. I can't make video changes without moving 40 audio snippets....

Dr David Illig shared this idea 29/10/19 16:31
Alexander 31/01/21 18:44
For the first thing it would be great just to select a group of audios to move them as a group. When you are translating your doodlys in different languages you really get mad of taking your 30 or 50 single snipplets and move them again and again to fint them again to the drawing. Manually fitting is ok, but it's horrible to selct each single snipplet again and again.