Animation / movement
Allow animating props along a path

Pino shared this idea 11/11/18 23:36
Mark McNett 06/02/19 06:00
This would be a great addition and one I would use in most Doodles I create.
Marco Napoli 01/10/19 19:20
This feature would make the presentation even more valuable.
ben slater 29/10/19 14:01
Yup, would be great to have this - even something super simple, but some movement
David Dowdle 23/12/19 13:27
100% need this. Moving an image of a person across the screen would be great
Dominique Straetmans 29/03/20 13:09
I use this to explain stuff to my Physics students. A simple thing like an elevator moving up or a car moving along a slope would allow to explain a start situation, but end up with an end situation and formulas without using an arrow and duplicate objects.
Zachary Simmons 18/04/20 02:48
A "fade in" enter animation would be great.
Prabhu Atluri 19/04/20 15:14
Entry Animation. Come into the scene from any side till the area we want it to be. Like from bottom to scene or top to bottom. so that it looks like, coming from out of the scene into the scene. Exit animations. change it into some other prop which we choose or fade or disappear by moving to right or left or any direction we choose. These would be awesome..
Victor 01/06/20 04:47
Very much needed, it is inherent in the doodly-like explaner videos...
Victor 01/06/20 04:50
Sorry, I thought this one is about morphing objects. Animation is too much of a hussle to use, but morphing... For Instance, I have the cow icon and a grain icon, but both are represented in the agriculture icon, so I need to morph cow and grains into agriculture icon... That would've been a feat! Competitor does have this feature!
Sergio Iriarte 28/06/20 12:16
I agree with Victor. I was also redirected here from another request asking for the option to make objects to morph into others. Like other whiteboards software do.
Ethan 30/08/20 15:44
Please have this feature as it will greatly increase the awesomeness of the video!!
Harsha Subramanyam 26/11/20 18:19
Even simple Powerpoint type animations with custom paths would be enough
Philip Beresford 27/09/20 06:52
This would be very useful
Laurentiu Macovei 14/10/20 00:40
2020 and this still doesn't exist?
[email protected] 17/10/20 00:15
like tween in Adobe Animate.
Jonathan Zall 22/10/20 17:40
This would be a great feature for educational videos, such as for showing concepts like area.
Blane Judd 02/11/20 17:04
I agree would bring actors to life.
Laurent LE MAGOROU 15/11/20 11:58
I really need this feature! For my courses, for exemple, after drawing a cloud, I need it to move across the screen. Not yet possible, very frustrating.
Deena Chadwick 15/12/20 14:47
This really surprises me that the only way to get something to go away is to erase it? Am I missing something?
Deena Chadwick 15/12/20 14:47
Anthony Sanford 27/04/21 05:59
Animation with the ability to morph text, images and elements would be really useful. Some ability to give the appearance of movement to objects and images is a must in today's doodle creation market. Movement after creation is critical.
manoj kumar 24/05/21 03:49
please add this feature
Zahid Moghal 03/06/21 14:33
Please add this feature, I agree it will make Doodly more Competitive