audio "splitting" or "cutting"
I make lengthy programs.... lectures. It would be hugely helpful if I could simply cut or split audio areas anywhere I want. It would greatly increase ability to edit. As I noted in my other suggestion, this feature would work very well with feature of being able to "select" several audio sections and move them together..... (something like the common "shift-select" in many programs. This feature would help us greatly.

Dr David Illig shared this idea 29/10/19 16:35
Jennifer Thompson 24/02/20 02:25
Yes, this would be extremely helpful. Just being able to split my audio track so I can make any small adjustments or add in pauses etc, would make this software so much better.
Stewart Edrich 24/02/20 06:00
I just got this program but the idea that you can’t do this makes me want to get a refund. It’s a really big deal. People are saying that they are doing the audio in audacity then transferring it here. I’m not a pro. I’m just doing some things for my own business. And crazy work arounds like that are a red flag. I could not believe that I could not cut the audio. This is a really big deal to me
David Curley 24/02/20 08:11
This would be a HUGE usability improvement. Currently, if you have a long voiceover recording that you've carefully aligned within a project or scene, it's impossible to insert or remove a prop (or scene) without having to re-record the whole voiceover. Use case: I want to remove one bullet point from an on-screen list, and its spoken description. Without this feature I would have to rework the whole voiceover. With this feature I could simply find the section to remove, split the track, delete the unwanted section and reposition the track. I suspect this isn't easy to implement because there's no audio preview from the scrubber on the timeline, but it would be a brilliant feature to have.
Parbakhar Poudel 23/03/20 22:50
It would be great if developer add some changing pitch and noise cancellation features.
Glen Muir 14/05/20 21:49
anything along these lines would be a welcome improvement! I don't know why, for example, if I take a voice segment out I can't simply replace it; I have to import my own audio file - having to use audacity because my usual programs record in mp4 audio - and then go through the process of adding a music track and file
איתיאל אהרונסון 21/07/20 13:35
it would be great! Also when you trying to do some little adjustments to the animation's timing, you need to do it also for the voice over or the sound effects all over again. it would HUGE HELP if you'd have an easy way to adjust the audio and sync it with the animation. :)
B H Gayan Thusitha Kumara` 30/07/20 13:49
Need it. hurry up...
Karen Morris 13/08/20 02:13
This would be really useful. Thank you for considering it.
Elijah Williams 21/08/20 23:21
I have only just made my first video on Doodly. Have to say I was expecting a much higher caliber program and am disappointed both with the lack of stock images and the editability. However...I made a birthday card video for someone to test it out and do something cool for the birthday...and did find the inability to edit audio within Doodly highly frustrating.. What I did was put the video into an app that I love, and is free, called InShot. In there you can extract and edit the audio and they have a wider range of music to pick from too. It also did not affect the video quality that I know of.
Ahmad Adwani 24/09/20 08:43
Yes please we need it
Vitawat C. 02/10/20 06:44
I would like to insert my voice after I finished voice record in clip. Scenario 1: If I have the continuous records (5 voice records) e.g. 1,2,3,4,5 then I would like to remove 3 and add new one to replace it. How could I do that? Scenario 2: If I have the continuous records (5 voice record) e.g. 1,2,3,4,5 then I would like to add new one between 2 and 3 that it should be move 3-5 to back of new one (auto) without drag them one-by-one. How could I do that?
Matt 30/01/21 10:52
The clipping feature would be of huge benefit. I'm a new user, but wanting to turn the volume down for a voice over (not just fading in/out) and then have it come back up again once the voice is finished is painful.
Jan 13/04/21 12:19
Why isn't here a reaction from Doodly?
Adrian Camilleri 08/05/21 14:39
Absolutely great idea! Also more flexibility in terms of volume
Mukhlesur Rahman 26/05/21 00:57
I hope this feature will help me too much. Please consider this...
Brendan 02/06/21 09:35
I find doodly's current audio recording feature extremely inadequate - it is so bad that I have to resort to recording the audio in a separate program and then muxing them outside of doodly. So doodly is for rendering video exclusively. Much better if you add the ability to at the very least split the clips. Allow the clips to overlap as well - I find it odd that it has fade in/out without the ability to overlap.
Kerry Smith 03/09/21 11:17
This is the most needed function for me at this time.
Mukhlesur Rahman 27/07/22 12:58
We need it highly......