Anthony Smith

Log Date
New idea created: Addition to enriching the use of text usage 08/06/21 12:33
New idea created: hand that is drawing to be either more types or customise abilities 21/06/20 17:18
Idea #1184 voted with 3 votes 18/04/20 14:05
New idea created: to be given A choice of the colors for items in doodly rainbow so that we can change them according to our needs 17/04/20 12:33
New idea created: improving the point allowance on SVG's for doodly to at least 10 X more allowed before it locks up 02/04/20 22:53
New idea created: To make the pan and zoom feature more versatile 01/04/20 18:33
New idea created: a pause time between erasing things like text 26/10/19 13:02
New idea created: adding a loop option for the music 01/10/19 08:46