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Create Whiteboard, Blackboard, or the all-new Glassboard videos in seconds!

Just Some Of The Awesome Things That Make Doodly The Most Widely Used Doodle Video Software On The Planet...
Every Possible Doodle Video Type

Create unlimited whiteboard, blackboard, greenboard, and the all new GLASSBOARD doodle videos!

Doodly Smart Draw Technology™

Patent pending technology allows you to create custom draw paths, allowing you to literally draw any image you import!

Numerous Male & Female Hands

Choose between different male OR female hands to give you complete control over how your doodle video looks.

Many Different Characters

Comes complete with 200 total characters. 10 characters with 20 unique poses each. The only limit is your imagination!

Tons Of Props And Custom Images

You'll also get over 200 props and images, allowing you to create anything that your mind can dream up.

Professional Audio Soundtracks

20 unique, background audio tracks sure to make your doodle videos super engaging. Or import your own!

Easy Video Export

Export your videos in many different quality levels, including full HD!

Built-In Audio Recording

New, smart-recording feature allows you to record your own, custom voiceover from within the software, as Doodly draws the video.

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From affiliate marketers, eCommerce owners, freelancers, and small business owners, doodle videos are versatile. Doodly helps you build videos that everyone will love and enjoy. More importantly, doodle videos will help YOU increase your engagement and turn your visitors into buyers.

Deanna Gillingham

Charlotte Mathes

Kawika Maszak

Terry Taylor

Daniel Sandmeier

Martyn Brown

Russ Crowley

Ledarrius Burgess

Rick Bushell

Jurie Fourie

Trace Haskins

Vera Vallentin-price

Gerhard Paasche

Easy and Fun to Create Professional Videos. I absolutely love Doodly! I almost didn't purchase it because I was afraid it would be too complicated for me to learn quickly. We let me say, I was wrong. I was able to easily create an awesome sales video, and I had so much fun doing it! I can't wait to make my next Doodly creation.

Doodly Provides Fun And Ease Of Operation. This software is so easy I made my first video in about three hours. That may seem long but the images are in color and ones I imported. I also learned about drawing paths as I was building the scenes. I will be using it in my newsfeed on Facebook to announce my e-commerce site openning to my friends and family. I couldn't be happier with the software product..

Drag, drop, publish, and profit. Explainer videos just got that easy! This is an amazing tool for visual storytellers. Marketers, pay attention! Doodly is the tool you've been looking for. An intuitive interface means you can use Doodly as soon as you launch it. It's just you and your story. There's no technology obstacles to get in the way. Sure, a script helps, but creating with Doodly frees you from the idea that you need one before you can even begin. You're activating the visual parts of your brain, which means you can just start telling the story – and Doodly acts as your partner to bring it to life. You just might find that by using Doodly, your story will tell itself. loves Doodly! We are a start up in the Visual Communications area and by using Doodly we have another avenue for our customers to communicate with their target audience. Visual storytelling like Doodly videos increase the "stickiness" of the ad, increasing the audiences retention of the branding message. If you can storyboard, this is the app for you! Easy to use, improving all the time. Great job guys!

5 minutes video in just 1 day - fantastic! I produced a five minutes video in just 1 day, from the idea to the final result. Great! By doing this, I have some suggestions for further steps: - It would be a really great help if at least whole videos could be duplicated. I have to produce several videos with almost the same content and only few differences, so this would be a great help. Or yeterday I wanted to produce 2 versiones oft he video with only different audio tracks to show ist to some people. As I had to change also the scenes a bitt o fit the audio track, I couldn't keep the first version. - Also the possibility to copy single scenes or even a bunch of scenes would be helpfull for the same purpose. - It would be great if I could change afterwards the name of props / assets I have uploaded myself. I uploaded an image and later a different version of this image and liked to give them both clear names, but couldn't rename the first. - It would be helpfull to have a second audio track, so I don't have to decide either to have some music OR a voiceover. I really like some oft he music in Doodly, but if I need a voiceover, too, I can't work with the Doodly music as I can't access the files. So a second audio track would be very helpful. Your on a great way!

Yes, I know, another Video creator for us Internet Marketers to decide over. Is it the same as I already have or is it going to be different enough to make a purchase worthwhile? I have all of the main ones, Explaindio, Video Maker FX (remember that? The first one to make a real impact on the market), VideoScribe, TTS Video, Video Motion Pro, Easy Sketch Pro, OBS Studio and so on. So, what makes Doodly different? The 'main' thing they are pushing is the accuracy and realistic feel of the actual drawing of the objects and text itself. Rather than just wave the pen in front of the object, it actually seems to really be drawing it properly, which is a nice touch. Secondly, you can switch between whiteboard videos and blackboard videos with a click of the settings. You can create a blackboard effect in Explaindio 2.0 by having a black background and turning the text white, but it doesn't look as good as in Doodly, I must say. The reason I purchased it, apart from to write this review, was because of the feature where you can import most types of image file and have it drawn onto the canvas instead of just being revealed by the pen-yielding hand just waving from side to side. I've never liked the way images are drawn in this way, it just doesn't look right. So, you can take your line image and plan out the way you would like it to be drawn. This part is great fun and you can have the hand do all sorts of things in order to draw your image. You get a ton of ready-made drawings, backgrounds and everyday objects to play with. Characters can be placed onto the working canvas in a number of differing poses. You can't change the colours, have objects move around the screen or morph them into place, like you can in VideoScribe but it's not as expensive as VideoScribe so, understandable. But, they are going to add more features in the near future, they tell us. I like the way that you can import your own drawings, backgrounds, objects, images and even fonts for your text. Nice touch, again. You can output in HD video and it renders quickly on a powerful PC or Mac. If you upgrade to the Pro version, you get over 1000 extra graphics of every description. There is a second upgrade which enables you to sell your videos on to clients. The main thing I noticed about this new launch, is that it isn't the usual low price launch, rather, it is $67.00 for the front-end product, $149.00 for the first upgrade to 'Pro' and a further $97.00 for the developer licence and the right to sell your video creations. This is off-putting for the usual Internet Marketing crowd as they are used to an entry level of around $27.00 for this sort of thing, but I've noticed more and more products are coming out at this higher ticket price lately and it does seem to be becoming the 'norm'. As it is a one-off fee, I don't disagree on the pricing … after all, the vendor has paid for the development and this would not be ongoing if the funds weren't there to invest in the product. Doodly is very, very easy to use. You probably won't need the training videos to work it. I give it a thumbs up as it worked faultlessly and you can use the videos in your Facebook Ads marketing, for example. They'll bring you in a good reach and plenty of responses, I've found. There are plenty of music audio files to choose from as background for your creations and where you can also upload your own music or voiceovers. Almost too simple for the price but it works and it works flawlessly and the resulting output is pure quality. Recommended from this buyer :-)

A Must Have for Any Online Marketer. I was a little skeptical of getting Doodly at first, as I'd used other apps of this nature and didn't find them particularly intuitive, good, or well-supported. However, Jimmy, Brad, and the rest of the team have pulled out all the steps with Doodly. It's simple to use, quick, support is one of the quickest I've seen and they listen to their customers. Since it was released (6 weeks or so now?) they've brought out a number of updates including the recent updates of colour. So, what was a good app before just keeps going from strength-to-strength. What's more, there's no indication they're going to stop. This is a must have app for any online marketer

Best tool for marketing! Let me just say as someone who has a great interest in marketing, when I saw this product I was blown away. These videos work, that simple. Big companies use them and other marketers use them as well. This is probably one of the best tools I've invested in.

Absolutely The Easiest To Learn Whiteboard Animation Program Today! I have umpteen programs and umpteen plug-ins to go with all those programs, Doodly, so far, has absolutely been the easiest program to learn that I've ever come accross. I'm fairly confident most won't even need any tuition to learn their way around the interface, it's that easy. The other great thing I like, is the amount of time and effort Jimmy puts into the constant updates to make Doodly better and better. There's been 3 already, and I've only had the program for about 4 weeks. Great whiteboard animation program, I highly recommend it. Kind regards,

Doodly doubled my business in two short weeks! Since I have produced a couple of videos on my facebook page, twitter, Youtube etc. my home inspection business has increased two fold so, as an advertising medium, Doodly works! The ease with which videos can be produced is impressive. I am also impressed by the way you react to your customers needs and requests, and the speed that you produce new improvements. Don't stop! Keep up the good work!

Awesome. Realistic. Easy. With Great Support And Community. I have been creating Doodle videos for years using other solutions; Doodly makes the videos look even more realistic, and it's super easy to use! Plus, I love how the team behind it is constantly adding on additional features and really listens to user feedback. They've not only built an amazing tool, but a great community to go along with it.

Simple to use software with remarkable results! I like Doodly very much, because it is intuitive to use to a point that I hardly had to stop and look at any of the tutorials that are already out there on Youtube. I tend to start a lot of projects and when the going gets tough, I just stop and do something else. With Doodly, I actually finished my first video after 15 minutes past my purchase of it! Of course, watching the tutorials is much fun and they help exploring all of the features of Doodly. Best of all, I just ran into a snag on my second video and already got an answer to my problem from someone at their Facebook group. This will be my first choice tool for creating my online marketing advertisements. Such fun!

This is just too much fun. Doodly is very intuitive and easy to use. Your imagination is the limit. There are so many things one can do with this. Great tool in my tool chest and I think it will be one of my favorites to use. It spurs the creativity as well and you can create great images as still shots as well with all the characters and scenes as well. Thank you Jimmy Kim and team.

How To Create Your Doodly

White Board or Blackboard Videos In 3 Simple Steps

1. Create

Select whiteboard, blackboard, or glassboard.

2. Design

Design your video using our pre-installed scenes, characters, images and sounds; or upload your own.

3. Export

Download and share your video in minutes!

Yes, It’s Really That Simple!

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Available for Windows and Mac

Our Mission is simple:

To develop a doodle animation software that is easy to use, creates realistic videos, and is something YOU can use in your marketing.”

The Three Elements of Doodly The Three Elements of Doodly


It's 2020 and it's IMPORTANT that Doodly passes the 'mom test'. That means it's so easy my mother could use it! We made sure Doodly was designed to be THAT easy.

Powerful & Professional

Other doodle video programs show the image drawn in an unrealistic way. We wanted the doodle to be realistic and let the end user DECIDE how they want it to be drawn on screen.


Doodly creates videos in both whiteboard and blackboard. Everyone offers whiteboard, but many digital marketers would LOVE a blackboard option. We've taken the doodle animation to the next level.

Doodly was created FOR save you tons of money on video production WHILE giving you increased conversions, which means more sales and more money.

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No Other Whiteboard, Doodle Software Can Do This Much! Here's What You Get:

Create unlimited whiteboard, blackboard, greenboard, and the all new GLASSBOARD doodle videos!

Private access to the Doodly Design Facebook group where ourselves, along with other Doodly users share tips, tricks, and strategies.

Doodly Smart Draw Technology™ allows you to create custom draw paths, allowing you to literally draw any image you import!

You'll also get over 200 props and images, allowing you to create anything that your mind can dream up.

Use Doodly on as many computers as you'd like. While most software limits your installs, Doodly doesn't.

Export your videos in many different quality levels, including full HD!

Choose between tens of different male OR female hands to give you complete control over how your doodle video looks.

New, smart-recording feature allows you to record your own, custom voiceover from within the software, as Doodly draws the video.

Comes complete with 200 total characters. 10 characters with 20 poses each. The only limit is your imagination!

Premium support with 100% FREE software updates. We constantly add new features. You get them for FREE!

20 unique, background audio tracks sure to make your doodle videos super engaging.

And much more!


If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of buying Doodly, we will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked. Just email us at [email protected] and every penny will be gladly refunded to you within the first 30-Days. NOTHING could be more fair than that!

Meet the Founder

Brad Callen

Founder of Doodly

Brad Callen is the founder and CEO of Bryxen.

Brad got his start online way back in 2002, and was best known for his knowledge of search engine optimization. After ranking #1 in Google for extremely competitive terms such as, "weight loss" and "how to lose weight", he quickly found himself teaching SEO to over 100,000 small to large sized businesses across the globe.

Brad then assembled a talented team of software developers who went on to create some of the most used traffic generation, keyword research, and marketing software in the internet marketing space.

Brad has used doodle videos to generate 8 figures in sales since 2012 and this number continues to grow.

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