Our mission with Doodly is simple

To make it fun & easy for regular people (with little, to no video training) to create amazing, professional doodle videos in a matter of minutes.

To achieve that, we adhere to our core Voomly values:

Improve Performance.

While our product line is diverse, it has one objective—to help our clients create & then when applicable, market whatever it is they’re selling more effectively. Whether they want to create higher-converting videos, improve their copywriting skills, affect more change, or impact more lives, we strive to help them achieve that goal with the tools we provide.


Never ever do the exact same thing everyone else is doing. We believe in researching what’s already working (in some capacity) and then vastly improving and innovating beyond the previous options. This is how we play our part in making the world a better place.

Act with Integrity.

We deliver what we promise. If our customers feel that one of our products doesn’t live up to their expectations, we’ll gladly honor our warranty. We keep things clear, simple, and direct.

Don’t Stop Innovating.

Never just bring a product to market and then quit working on it. Continue to solicit customer feedback and make improvements over time. Our products will always remain evergreen and is a cornerstone of our success.

Deliver Value.

With us, it will never be about making a quick buck. We want to develop lifelong relationships with our customers. To do that, we deliver lots of value, so that they’ll hopefully appreciate this 2-way relationship as much as we do.

Be Responsive.

Our customers want and deserve quick, reliable, and knowledgeable customer service. We aim to deliver that during each and every interaction with them.

Build an “A” Team

An organization is only as good as its team. We aim to hire stars—people who will go the extra mile to deliver the absolute best to our customers, because they deserve nothing less than our very best.